Tax consultation and advice

Tax consulting service in Switzerland

Here at Creative Consulting, we are committed to providing tax services both to corporations, establishments, and even individuals. In this regard, we have engineered our services specifically to expatriate their tax needs via our unmatchable tax solutions.

Generally, services that we provide here at Creative Consulting are broadly categorized into:

  • Income tax return preparation
  • Tax consultation and advice

Income Tax Return Preparation

Our tax return preparation services cuts across an extensive range of options, including:

  • Preparation of Swiss Federal and Cantonal/Municipal tax returns
  • Review of related tax assessments and writing of necessary appeals
  • Preparation of extension requests
  • Clearing up questions regarding international and interactional tax allocation
  • General tax consultation and tax planning
  • Tax load comparisons
  • Tax optimization
  • Checking tax dispositions / calculations
  • Representation at tax authorities
  • Preparation of tax returns for all German-speaking cantons in Switzerland

Nonetheless, you must know that we do not prepare U.S tax returns.

Tax consultation and advice

Our tax consultation and advice services encompass several areas. This includes tax planning and situation simulation. Irrespective of which you opt-in for, our ultimate goal is to ensure that we help you to pay less tax in the future.


Step 1

We will send you a detailed checklist for you to provide us with any documentation that we need to create the tax return.

Step 2

Please send us your documents by mail or call us to arrange an appointment for personal transfer.


Step 3

We will prepare your tax return, including one copy for your records, and a provisional tax calculation.

We will make the tax return beforehand so that you only need to sign the necessary documents and send them to the tax office.

Step 4

At your request, we can meet for a personal consultation. This tax advice is included in the price.


Step 5

When you receive the final tax invoice, you can send it to us for a complimentary inspection.


Our fees

Creative Consulting charges 150 Francs incl. Personal consultation

    I would like to have my tax declaration done by Creative ConsultingI still have questions. Call me please.

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