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Welcome to Creative Consulting

Our services

Income tax return preparation

  • Preparation of Swiss Federal and Cantonal/Municipal tax returns
  • Review of related tax assessments and writing of necessary appeals
  • Preparation of extension requests
  • Clearing up questions regarding to international and intercantonal tax allocation
  • General tax consulation and tax planning
  • Tax load comparisons
  • Tax optimization
  • Checking tax dispsitions / calculations
  • Representation at tax authorities
  • We prepare tax returns for all German-speaking cantons in Switzerland

We do not prepare U.S. tax returns

Tax consultation and advice

Tax consultation can encompass a number of areas. Tax planning and scenario simulation can help you to pay less tax in the future

Tax filing process

Step 1:
We will send you a detailed checklist for you to provide us with any documentation that we need to create the tax return.

Step 2:
Send us your documents by mail or call us to arrange an appointment for personal transfer.

Step 3:
We will prepare your tax return, including one copy for your records, and a provisional tax calculation. We will prepare the tax return beforehand so that you only need to sign the necessary documents and send them to the tax office.

Step 4:
At your request, we can meet for a personal consultation. This tax advice is included in the price.

Step 5:
When you receive the final tax invoice, you can send it to us for a complimentary inspection .

Our fees

150 Francs incl. personal consultation.