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On this page, we have comprehensively outlined a few regular tax advice that we offer people and businesses during our tax consultation sessions with them. In the same vein, kindly navigate to our services page for more info about the services that we offer here at Creative Consulting. Plus, should you have further inquired or requests, kindly visit our contact page too.

Swiss tax return

Yearly, custom warrants that everybody who is taxable in Switzerland completes and submits a Swiss tax declaration. In light of this, schemes have been put to place, which makes this process viable of been down either manually, online, or via the use of special software. You can trust us to help you handle yours!

    Which documents do I need?

    We advise that you are adequately prepared before you set out to fill your tax return. For instance, we recommend that you collect the following documents during the course of the year. They will come handy during the filling process.

    • Salary statement
    • Statements of bank or post office accounts
    • Securities statements
    • Private pension statements (3rd pillar)
      Reports of special payments into your occupational pension fund (2nd pillar; regular payments are recorded on your salary statement)
    • Summary of medical expenses
    • Summary of professional expenses
    • Receipts from continuing education or training courses
    • Receipts of any donations made
    • For homeowners: all documents concerning property tax, mortgage interest, bills for maintenance and renovations, running costs and administrative costs, etc.
    • Order the detailed checklist from us using our contact form.

    Tax Advice & Tips From Us

    Our tax experts will help you check your total possible deductions, and also areas where your business can save on taxes.

    • Ensure that you submitted only the statements and receipts that you were asked for specifically when filing your tax returns. However, you can retain every other document in case the tax authorities request for them later.
    • If you are married, you and your spouse are to complete the joint tax return form, which both of you must sign.
    • Do not delay till the last moments before completing your tax returns. The faster you get it in, the sooner you will receive the final assessment. Moreover, the instalments will most likely be calculated more accurately.
    • Take advantage of the ability to complete your tax return professionally by Creative Consulting.

    Tax Deductions

    Generally, there are a few things you can deduct from your tax bill. However, they vary both in amount and also from one canton to another. Nonetheless, find what you can deduct below:

    • Work-related expenses (costs incurred concerning your work, such as the cost of travel to your workplace or for meals)
    • General deductions such as state and work pension contributions and accident insurance, medical insurance, life insurance premiums, charitable donations.
    • Social deductions for children, childcare, persons in need of care, etc.
    • We will gladly show you more ways to save so that you pay less tax in the future

    Tax returns – which taxes do they raise?

    Yearly, you need to complete and submit your tax returns. From experience, we discover that several individuals do not know which taxes are raised based on their tax returns. Albeit, summarily, these taxes include:

    • Direct federal tax
    • Federal withholding tax
    • Income tax
    • Wealth tax
    • Church tax

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