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Peter Felber, General Director

About us

Creative Consulting is a globally integrated establishment with a comprehensive understanding of tax complexities in the global economic climate as of today. Here, we understand how crucial taxation is. Consequently, we employ our diverse range of expertise in helping individuals solve the tax issues of our clients via our tax consultation and advice services.

Established in 2001, Creative Consulting has grown to be one of the leaders for tax services in the global market. We help individuals, organizations, and businesses with tax planning, compliance, and strategy, while also delivering an extensive range of business tax advice services. In essence, when seeking an agency that can support you both at the local and global stage, specially for tax advice, Creative Consulting can be your best plug.

Peter Felber, General Director

Evidently, the business environment as and today is a very uncertain yet dynamic one. And to deal with these uncertainties and successive changes, managers of businesses need to make timely and accurate decisions such that their establishments keep up with the expectation of their stakeholders. Otherwise, these decisions may have significant high tax costs and regulatory implications. In this regard, our team of experts are ready to help you shift the burden of these tax and regulatory requirements off your shoulder. Here, we execute this by working hand-in-hand with you, right from the stage of planning to execution, and even offering insights on the tax implications that these decisions may bring.

Creative Consulting takes pride in our wealth of experience and vast knowledge. Tandem to this, we take no time in identifying alternatives where necessary, such that tax is most efficient in your business. Here at Creative Consulting, providing tax services is one of our core business activities. Also, kindly navigate to our services page to get a detailly view of all services that we offer, including tax consultation and tax advice.

Our fiduciary services

  • Preparation of tax statements
  • General tax consultation and tax planning
  • Tax load comparisons
  • Tax optimization
  • Checking of tax statements
  • Tax declaration
  • Checking of tax assessments / invoices
  • Representation in relation to all tax authorities and tax courts

At Creative Consulting, we understand the nitty-gritty of tax and its implications if not handled appropriately. In light of this, you can trust us to be your go-to option for tax advice and tax consultation, and any other tax-related services. Creative Consulting is a name to be trusted!

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